What do your albums look like?

I like a clean, classic layout that really showcases your photos. I have you choose 50 images and then they are printed on thick silk paper. The cover is linen and your names are embossed on the front. Here are examples of my albums below!

                                          Fine Art Album-2   Fine Art Album Inside

What is the booking process like?

First I send you an e-mail with information on collections and pricing. If you decide to continue with booking I send a contract and require a retainer fee upon signing (50% of the total).

What happens after we book? What is the process?

I care a lot about your experience so I like to be in conversation between booking and the shoot day so we get all of the details worked out!

For weddings:

I send a questionnaire to get all of the vital information to feel prepared such as date, location, times, family members, etc. This also helps you get the wheels moving on the vision of your day.

A family photo list is created and approved by you so we can go through groupings one by one in a timely manner. My goal is to be well prepared in this area so we can get you and your family to the party!

It is ideal to have an engagement session together before the wedding so you have the knowledge of what it feels like to be in front of my camera come the wedding day. We also get to know each other better which inevitably cultivates comfortability and beautiful results!

We talk over and secure the timeline to make sure we are on the same page. The goal is to completely have everything coordinated and together at the latest two weeks before the wedding so you have time to breathe and anticipate your amazing weekend instead of having to worry about photo details shortly before your big day!

For Portraits:

We are in conversation about the important details such as time, date, what to wear, where the location should be, etc.

Who is your second photographer?

My husband Adam photographs with me, and when he is unavailable I have a network of trusted, experienced photographers that I work with.

How many photos will I receive?

For a portrait session I give 35-75 fully edited images, and for weddings I deliver 400-700 images for an 8 hour day. This number is an average and varies for different weddings and portrait sessions.

Do I get the digital negatives/files to my photos?

Yes! I give you the rights to your images. You have the option to purchase prints through the online gallery I send to you, or you can download the images and print them at the lab of your choice.

Can we edit the images ourselves?

Sorry, I have written in our contract that the images must remain the way they were delivered to you. Thank you for your understanding!

Do you have a backup plan in case of an emergency and you are unable to shoot a wedding?

Yes I do, I have a system in place with my trusted network of photographers. We secure one another as a stand-by replacement should anything (God forbid) happen to me. My couple’s main contact information is stored in my calendar and my family members know to give them a call.

Do you recommend a first look?

I always tell the lovely bride & groom that it is ultimately their decision whether they want to see each other or not before the wedding. I know this can be very personal choice! Photographically speaking, a first look works really really well and can also be a special, quiet moment between the couple before they head into their intimate wedding and reception party! A first look also works wonderfully if the couple wants to take care of immediate family photos before so there’s less time taking family photos after the ceremony. More photos before the ceremony allows for more time to enjoy your party with the opportunity for me to get fantastic candids.