Hello, my name is Monika Greenaway and I am a wedding & portrait photographer based out of Carmel, CA. I am so honored that you have stopped by and are considering me as your photographer!

One day I had a meeting with a bride & groom whose wedding was a couple months away at the time. We went over their wedding day timeline, chatted a little about their dogs…shared the latest dinner meals that have been on our menus. The groom-to-be paused and asked me “why do you love what you do?”. I stopped for a moment. I told them it’s because of THIS right here-I get to meet incredible people, share a monumental section of their life with them, and I have the opportunity to be a part of something special. I have the freedom to create and have an artistic outlet that results in images we document together. I care a lot about my couples-I truly want the best for them. I care about each image, the story told, and I care about the service I provide!

I love images that evoke feeling and emotion and I am a big fan of candid photos. Catching those real moments that fly by is some kind of wonderful.

I married my love Adam 6 years ago and have been with him for over 11 years. He is quite a man. Marriage and love fascinates me. From my experience, we go from a childish giddy love, to a dating love,  to serious love, to questioning love, to falling back in love, to a married love, to unconditional love, to choosing to love, back to any of the later stated loves. Love is a roller coaster and if time and care is put in-an incredible lifelong adventure. I am so happy I have Adam to roll with.

My day starts with a cup of coffee with a good amount of cream, possibly a latte’, chai tea, or english breakfast. Earl Grey is also an option. Whatever sounds good on that particular day. Then I turn to a good book (I always start 3 or 4 books at a time- business books, christian writings, The Bible, and a sprinkle of fiction).

I love to end the day with a homemade meal that we both cook together, some music-he plays, I sing, and some days we’ll catch up on our shows that we’re watching. Currently Nashville and Parenthood (re-watching).

I love to travel-as of lately I have fallen in love with local travel-there is so much to explore in the world but there’s so much beauty in our own backyard.

If I get the opportunity to work with you I would be thrilled. It is so nice to meet you!